Jeff Krogstad: The man behind the lens

BOZEMAN- There is a lot of bobcat buzz surrounding this year’s Brawl of the Wild. But for Jeff Krogstad, the energy he is feeling for the game is incomparable as he prepares to join the Bobcat Football Team on the sidelines for his 10th year in a row.

Krogstad doesn't miss a bobcat sporting event. 

Bobcat football is his favorite place to be, he shows up early, he stays late and captures every moment for fans not only in Bozeman but all over the world. 

“When I was born my mom and dad did some blood test,” Krogstad said, “they found out that I bleed blue and gold.”

Krogstad says he’s MSU’s biggest fan. He rarely misses a game. But the way he watches is just a little different.

He’s watching every piece of the action through the lens of his camera, telling a bobcat story.

“The tears, the blood, the euphoria, that excitement,” Krogstad said, “I try to capture it and get close in on the emotion because that emotion is what ultimately captures your heart.”

This Cat/Griz game is no exception as Krogstad the MSU superfan plans not to miss a single frame.

“I am much more at home being on the sidelines being able to take pictures and it just feeds that blue and gold blood that I have in my system,” Krogstad said. 

Krogstad said he has tried to watch the game from stands before but all he wants to do is capture every moment.

This weekend especially he wants to keep that trophy in focus. 

‘It’s a pretty cool deal to watch the players walk out on that field with that trophy,” Krogstad said, “it’s what Bobcat Football is all about.”

Krogstad says he makes no money off the photos he takes. He does it all for the joy of spreading the bobcat buzz from Billings and to Missoula. 

He says regardless of what team you cheer for your still a Montanan and that’s something he’s proud of and proud to represent on game day.

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