Spring Closure: Bozeman's Hyalite Road

BOZEMAN, Mont. - After a weekend of much-needed snow in Bozeman, Gallatin County is working hard to keep Hyalite Reservoir - which hosts around 20,000 people a month during the winter season - accessible for all of its residents.

During a snowstorm, the 8 miles of road up the canyon to the reservoir can get some of the biggest snow dumps around Bozeman. Gallatin County Road Superintendent Bill Brownell says there's no schedule for Hyalite plowing (the decision to plow is based off of snowfall) and it's only plowed about a dozen times a year.

It takes seven hours and two people to clear Hyalite Canyon Road, and they can't use sand, salt, or any other slick-road treatments. But even after the plows come through, the Forest Service still suggests drivers come prepared for the worst with winter tires or chains, just in case.

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