Do you know snow code?

LIVINGSTON -- To make sure the Livingston Warming Center can remain open until March, the shelter needs to raise $34,000 and the HRDC is seeking help from the community.

"It is crucial that our doors can remain open through the rest of the season," HRDC Housing Director Shari Eslinger said in a release. "All it takes is a night of cold or snow for one of our friends to experience a life or death situation. That’s why we opened our Warming Center in Livingston."

The HRDC opened the warming shelter in 2019 after Livingston residents grew anxious over homeless people having no where to go to keep warm in the city. 

According to the HRDC, the shelter took in 10 women and 12 men this season. 

"I’ve answered many late night/weekend calls from women, often with children, who aren’t necessarily fleeing domestic violence, but just need a place to sleep for a night or two," Community Resource Collaborative member Stacy Peterson said in the release. "Before the warming center opened in Livingston it was heartbreaking to have to tell them there was nowhere local to go and get out of the cold."

According to Becky Bird, Executive Director of Park County Senior Citizens Corporation, homeless senior citizens are in extreme need of somewhere to go during the winter.

On top of the $34,000 dollars needed, the HRDC says they also seek more shelter employees and volunteers to remain open.

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