HRDC in Bozeman opens Warming Center five days early due to frigid cold temperatures

BOZEMAN- With frigid cold temperatures forecasted for the Bozeman area the HRDC will open its Warming Center five days early.

The Warming Center opened Monday, October 28 and will now remain open through March 31.

“Unfortunately Montana’s Winter Weather doesn't abide by our Warming Center season,” Shari Eslinger the HRDC’s Housing Director said via press release.

She went on to say that opening five days early will impact them financially but that they are dedicated to providing a warm place to stay for community members.

Last winter the HRDC gave 263 people a warm place to stay with the Warming Center.

The center is opened from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. you can get the address here.

They are asking for donations of household items, you can find that list here.

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