Hacks to be ready for the flu and where to get flu shots in the Bozeman area

BOZEMAN- With the cold temperatures creeping up on us flu season is about to be in full swing.

So we put together a list of where you can get your flu shots in the Bozeman area along with a few pointers so your medicine cabinet is prepared in case you or a loved one comes down with a nasty bug.

In the Bozeman and Gallatin County area, you can get the flu shot the walk-in clinic hosted by Bozeman Health this Wednesday through Thursday, No appointment is necessary and you'll need your insurance information. You can find out more here.

In the Livingston and Park County area, you can get a flu shot at the walk-in clinic on Tuesday, October 8. You are asked to bring your insurance cards with you. You can find out more here.

As for things to have on hand, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, the all-important decongestant. Check your stock of cough drops all well.

The CDC says,

- Try to give the sick person their own room. If there is more than one sick person, they can share the sick room if needed.

- If you have more than one bathroom, have sick people use one bathroom and well people use the other one.

- Give each sick person their own drinking glass, washcloth, and towel.

You can get more hacks from there CDC here.

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