Gun Locks in Bozeman

BOZEMAN- With gun violence and a high level of suicide in the State of Montana the City of Bozeman is taking action.

The city is partnering with local law enforcement, police and fire to distribute free gun locks.

In 2016 the State of Montana saw 25.9 suicides for every 100,000 residents, the national average is 13.5 suicides per 100,000 residents.

The city hopes that gun locks will act as a deterrent in possible suicides and shootings.

Bozeman Mayor Cyndy Andrus feels this is a way that the city can help be effective in preventing possible suicides down the road.

“Another step in the right direction to preventing any accidents that may occur, suicides those kind of things it’s just an opportunity to perhaps save a life,”Andrus said, “This is one thing we can do to keep families safe.”

The city says the best way to prevent unintentional discharges at home is to properly store guns in guns safes.

Gun locks are available for free to the public, to get a free gun lock you can stop by one of these locations –

Law and Justice Center (main window) – 615 S 16th St.

Bozeman Fire Station 1 – 34 N Rouse Ave.

Bozeman Fire station 3 – 1705 Vaquero Pkwy

Gallatin City-County Health Department (main window) - 215 W Mendenhall St.

Bozeman Health Pediatrics Bozeman – 937 Highland Blvd #5320

Bozeman Health Pediatrics Belgrade – 206 Alaska Frontage Rd, Belgrade, MT 59714

The Bozeman Help Center also free walking crisis counseling for those in need. All that information is available by clicking here.

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