Hey all you wine drinkers- recycle your empty bottles for free this weekend

BOZEMAN- You can’t recycle glass in Montana, so one company in Bozeman is hosting an event to take your glass off your hands for free. 

Pierce Flooring and Design says this weekend they will handle the recycling if you bring the glass to an event called Get off your glass Bozeman.

They are expecting to recycle over 30 tons of glass. They say it costs about $60 a ton to recycle, not including shipping it to Salt Lake for processing.

“We are anticipating spending a few thousand dollars, but we really want to take on that expense for the community... [so] this stuff won’t end up in the garbage,” Marc Avalos, Project Manager at Pierce Flooring and Design, said. 

All you have to do is stop by the Gallatin County Fairgrounds and leave your glass behind.

They will not be excepting porcelain, mirrored glass, laminate glass or ceramics.

Events like this are something Genevieve Burmeister, of Time of Your Life Events, says Bozeman needs more of. She says it’s crazy that glass recycling isn't available in a city promotes being eco-friendly.

Burmeister says the topic comes up in her work as a wedding planner.

“I have to tell them, unfortunately, Bozeman doesn’t recycle glass,” Burmeister said. "That just makes us as a town kind of look silly to all of these out-of-state clients that come in and throw lots of money at our economy, and yet we’re throwing their glass in the garbage.”

The event is taking place on Saturday, June 8 from 9 AM to 1 PM.

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