Security scanner being used to keep drugs out of Gallatin County Detention Center

BOZEMAN- Gallatin County officials say an $80,000 security update is going to stop drugs from coming into the facility.

Captain Jason Jarrett says the new scanners are being put into place to help with the "recovery atmosphere." 

“The objective here is to keep this place safe, sober, and clean,” Jarrett said.

He says about a dozen times a year, they take drugs off people trying to smuggle them into the facility.

The captain says people will do whatever it takes to get drugs in.

“We try to make this a therapeutic place,” Jarrett said. “It sucks to be in jail, it really does but we’re gonna [take this] opportunity that we have while you’re here to try to make it so you don’t come back.” 

Scanners are in place across the country, and Missoula currently has one.

The scanner in Bozeman should be operational by the middle of July and will resemble an airport scanner.

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