Gallatin County Elections is asking voters to make sure their information is up to date

BOZEMAN- With the 2020 election just around the corner Gallatin County Elections is asking you make sure your voting information is up to date.

That will help them count ballots in a timely manner. 

If your address changed since the last time you voted you need to update your information, it's easy to do. 

You can print off the voter registration application at home, just by following this link.

At the top of the application, make sure to mark the box for, address change, after it is completed and signed, you can mail or deliver it in person.

The address is as following-

Gallatin County Election Administrator

331 W. Main St. Room 210

Bozeman, MT 59715

The Election Department can also mail you a form! If you call them at 406-582-3060 they will send it your way, you can stop by the Election Office and fill out the form in person as well.

Montana law does not allow for voter registration applications to be submitted via email.

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