Gallatin County could be dropping party affiliation

BOZEMAN- Gallatin County voters could decide this year if they want 10 local races, including sheriff and county commissioner, to go non-partisan.

Commissioners say instead of running as Democrats, Republicans or third-party candidates, they would run on issues specific to the county.

HB 129, signed into law this year, allows Montana voters to decide if they want their local elections to be partisan or not.

All the Gallatin County commissioners support the change. If approved by voters, it would make the 10 elected positions in Gallatin County nonpartisan, including county attorney and sheriff.

“[Voters] will have to do a little more work, instead of just going down and voting party line they’re going to have to hear what the candidates are saying,” Joe Skinner, Gallatin County Commissioner said. “[And] see how each candidate aligns with their beliefs, not just Democrat or Republican.”

The proposal could go on this November's ballot for voters to decide.

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