Gallatin County Commissioners move forward and approve paid parental leave for county employees

BOZEMAN- The Gallatin County Commissioners approved six weeks of paid parental leave for county employees.

The commissioner and the public testimony explained that this feature being added for county employees to have six weeks of paid time off would help retention rate in employees in the county.

One Gallatin County supervisor who spoke said that he loses employees because they tap out their sick time and vacation time after the birth of a child.

The hope is that this will help make the county a competitive place to work and help keep people coming back to work after having a child.

“We are in a very tight labor market we have a lot of open positions in Gallatin County and we want to position ourselves as an employer of choice and as a family-friendly employer,” Jim Doar the County Administrator said, “I think that this is as one of the public commenters said, just another thing in our quiver to help us do that as an employer.”

Right now 515 county employees will be eligible to take advantage of that paid time off upon a supervisor’s approval. The time can be taken off either all at once or over the course of six months.

The county is one of the first major employers in the area to an active policy like this.

One staff member said that an opportunity like this reduces stress load from a parent because they’re not worried about doctor’s appointments and they can be focused on their work on behalf of the taxpayers.

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