Fourth of July fireworks show becoming too expensive for volunteer group

BOZEMAN- The Fourth of July is the celebration of lights in the sky but that could come to an end in Bozeman due to some financial restraints.

It cost about $65,000 a year to put on this free firework show for the entire community.

Members of the Lions Club in Bozeman work from January until the fourth to put this event on.

For Whitney Wesler who puts on the show, it’s extremely personal.

She wants to give a fourth of July celebration to families in Bozeman like the one she had with her dad.

“My father passed away 20 years ago he donated his time for the Livingston Roundup Rodeo and we enjoyed doing that event together,” Wesler said “I want to give back to the community as well and how I’ve been able to do that is through the Gallatin Empire Lions Club in chairing the festival of the fourth in providing that firework show for the families and kids in Bozeman community.”

Fireworks are expected to start shooting into the sky around 10: 30 p.m.

It’s a big financial undertaking, taken on by volunteers the show is completely free to the public and the hope is to keep it that way.

“It has been a struggle for the last three years to continue to keep this event free,” Wesler added, “It is one of the largest show in the community and I hope to continue to keep the event free to the public and to be able to continue doing it year after year.”

But the Lions Club is looking for as much support as possible going into next year’s show.

This they will be going around with buckets to collect donations at the event.

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