Firefighters warning about linseed oil that can spontaneously combust

BELGRADE- The Central Valley Fire Marshal is warning people across the State of Montana about a potential fire hazard in their own garage.

Linseed oil can be found in deck stains and they can spontaneously combust.

Central Valley says over the last three years they’ve responded to several of these fires, one happened just last week at the Riverside Country Club.

Generally, during the summer, they see more of these fires.

Linseed oil is commonly found in wood stain, with people out painting decks and fences oftentimes paper towels and rags get forgotten about.

The rags mixed with these chemicals and summer heat can cause them to catch fire and potentially take down an entire house.

Proper disposal of rags or paintbrushes used could mean the difference in keeping your house safe.

These fires can start because occasionally projects are simply put, a work progress,

“they’re not finished they just take their stuff out to the garage, leave it in the garage or out on the deck…. [thinking] I’m going to finish tomorrow,” Bruce Hennequin Fire Marshal with Central Valley Fire District “the sun makes its way around and we have spontaneous heating and we have increased heating from the sun and next thing we know we have a deck fire.”

So it’s important when working with these chemicals on summer projects you dispose of the rags properly and throw rags away in a place that allows for proper ventilation.

Proper ventilation helps circulate the heat, it's important not to cover the rags when you throw them away let them breath.

Its also encouraged to soak any rags used in water before throwing them out.

Specifics on disposal of linseed oil can be found here.

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