Firefighters in the City of Bozeman are asking for help

courtesy of of bozeman fire 

BOZEMAN- Firefighters in the City of Bozeman are asking for some assistance.

Due to all the snow that we've received some fire hydrants are being covered up.

Fire officials are asking that you clear 3 feet around your fire hydrant for easy access in case of an emergency.

The other request officials make is that you pay close attention to where you park in commercial lots. 

Fire lanes can be covered with snow and if you park in a fire lane you could be leaving fire trucks without a parking spot in case of an emergency.

“A lot of times in commercial areas we’re pulling in and the snow gets moved certain spots and it reduces a bunch of parking spots,” Battalion Chief Graver Johnson said “we don’t have a place to park sometimes we end up parking further away it can be pretty difficult if it says a CPR in progress and we’ve got to carry all our gear inside that building we have to park a long way away to get in.”

Every minute is important when saving lives so the more that you can do to help law enforcement officials the safer we all are.

Johnson went on to say that he appreciates the hard work that the city does and keeping fire hydrants visible but occasionally some get simply just get covered.

They do have the ability through maps system to locate the hydrants but would appreciate any extra help the public can do in digging the hydrants out.

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