BOZEMAN- Ever since the Bobcat hockey team found out they would be going to Texas they have been in full practice and fundraiser mode, hitting the ice as much as possible and shoveling as many driveways as they can on the weekends.  

Hockey at MSU is not a funded sport, so students on the ice pay their way.

The team needs to raise $30,000 to go to nationals.

The Bobcat community stepped up to the plate - or the puck, rather - and the hockey team is currently just $10,000 away from that goal.  

The team has been shoveling snow and doing other odd jobs around Bozeman and will be hosting one last fundraiser before they leave. 

Monday night at Fire Artisan Pizza you can come down, meet the team and have pizza with them. Proceeds from dinner will help the team get the remaining needed funds.

Assistant Coach Pete Kamman says the team is ready to hit the ice in Texas and make Bozeman proud.

“[We would like to] thank Bozeman for the unbelievable support in this exciting time, and help raise the remaining funds necessary to get our team to Nationals," Kamman said "We are proud to represent MSU, Bozeman, & all of Montana on a national stage and it wouldn’t be possible without the support our players have received."

The final fundraiser and public goodbye to the team is Monday from 5:30 to 8:30 P.M. at Fire Artisan Pizza.

The team will be there just after practice at 6:30. Bobcat Hockey leaves for Texas on Wednesday.

You can also click here to donate to the GoFundMe.

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