Belgrade Bull mural

The "Belgrade Bull" mural is honored at a dedication ceremony in downtown Belgrade.

BELGRADE - A bull that legend says no cowboy could ride now has a permanent tribute in downtown Belgrade.

In the 1890s, a bull named Corbett rose to fame with a reputation for being gentle in the pasture and a wild bucker outside of it.

Cowboys came from hundreds of miles away to hop on Corbett, but there's no record of anyone with a fair saddle succeeding.

After being sold off and toured around the country, Corbett became famous nationwide as the "Belgrade Bull."

The mural may be a large piece of Belgrade's Main Street now, but it started with a small idea from local man Keith Mainwaring.

Mainwaring came up with the mural idea after a snowy walk through Belgrade. He came across the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce building, taking a moment to admire the twinkling lights and snow-covered trees. He noticed that the brick side of the Chamber of Commerce's neighbor wasn't quite so enjoyable to look at.

"This wall needed attention," says Mainwaring. "[And] If you think something should be done... do it. So, I set off to do it."

It's been Mainwaring's passion project for years, with the 80-year-old approaching the Belgrade Community Coalition about putting up a tribute to Corbett in Belgrade, a way to keep the history alive and beautify the town of 7,500.

Not one to rest for long, Mainwaring is already organizing his next project: renovating a mostly-unused lot just east of the Belgrade Bull.

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