grizzly bears

BOZEMAN, Mont. – As Montana grows, homes and roads are taking over the places grizzly bears once used to roam. On Wednesday and Thursday in Bozeman, a team handpicked by Governor Steve Bullock is getting together to talk about the growing issue, and how to hunt down a solution.

The Grizzly Bear Advisory Council met on Wednesday morning to review its work so far and learn from University of Montana environmental experts.

All 18 Montanans that make up the council have a connection to grizzlies in some way or another, and a few live in grizzly country.

They hope to start a larger discussion in the Big Sky about managing and caring for the displaced grizzlies.

The public was invited to the meetings, and showed up for the all-day session in full-force, crowding the room and outnumbering the council nearly two-to-one.

With grizzlies being a tough species to manage, it’s a big job to take on.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks spokesperson Morgan Jacobsen explains: "Part of what this council is doing is saying, 'How does Montana want to prioritize grizzly bear management? How do we balance the interests of landowners with recreationists, with the bears themselves?' And come up with a solution going forward."

A second day of meetings will be held on Thursday morning at the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Region 3 headquarters in Bozeman at 8 AM until 4 PM. A third meeting will take place in Missoula on December 4-5. For more information about the council and their meetings, click here.

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