Bozeman Main Street traffic

A semi-truck stands out among other cars as it passes through Bozeman's Main Street.

BOZEMAN - City planners are still trying to find a better solution for 18-wheelers that travel through Main Street, although they say currently it's more necessary than people might realize.

Residents are running into a big problem in Bozeman as big rigs congest the narrow road that runs through downtown.

Main Street in Bozeman isn't just used by shoppers and tourists. It’s also a major road connecting southwest Montana, which means a lot of traffic.

Main Street is a state highway, maintained by the Montana Department of Transportation.

Every weekday, according to the Downtown Bozeman Partnership, around 36 trucks travel down Main.

While the number of semis might seem to be growing, it’s not a new problem.

In 2015, a downtown partnership study conducted by Montana State University on truck traffic through downtown decided that the best alternative route for trucks is either an I-90 or Jackrabbit Lane bypass.

According to the new Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan, since trucks will still need to deliver goods downtown, they should try to limit those deliveries to overnight or early-morning, when downtown is much more open.

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