Don’t be a turkey arrive two hours early, what TSA is asking this holiday travel season

BELGRADE- The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Montana, servicing some of the largest airports in the country.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the airport is looking at roughly 18 departures and arrivals so that’s around 2000 to 2100 departing seats.

The airport director says over the 10 day travel time 21,000 people will be coming into the Bozeman area.

Even though this is seen as one of the biggest travel weeks of the year the airport here in Bozeman the airport handles more people in the summer.

Never the less the airport is saying the most important thing you can do to get off the ground is to be early.

“You never know what might impact your flight,” Brian Sprenger the Bozeman Airport Director said, “time is [a] very valuable commodity, it gives you a little bit more ability to make things right.”

TSA says don’t be a turkey arrive two hours early.

“Plan ahead, plan extra time,” Sprenger said, “there is weather throughout the nation, there could [be an] impact on flights that may not be impacted here locally but could be impacted in route, so we recommend that extra time."

If you’re going to bring a carry-on there are certain food restrictions.

TSA sees people bringing items with them for dinners. If you’re planning on bringing a side dish from Montana there are restrictions which you can check here.

They also say it’s best to leave that electric turkey carving knife in your checked luggage and not your carry-on.

TSA also advises wearing slip-on shoes to help get through the line fast.

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