911 dispatch in need of more employees

BOZEMAN-  The Bozeman 911 dispatch center is looking for more employees.

Currently, the 911 dispatch center can accommodate 19 staff members.

Those 19 staffers are responsible for picking up the phone when you call in with your request for emergency services.

One dispatcher said she’s the person you get to speak to on the worst day of your life. 

Right now they have nine fully trained staffers and four in training. Making them very understaffed. 

Capain Jim Anderson says that the work is hard but the people of Bozeman should not be worried about calls not being answered due to low staff.

Anderson has the most faith in his staff and says they are the reason the center runs as efficiently as it does.

But he’d like to get more people trained up and employed as fast as possible. 

“We’re still getting it done, we’re going to answer,” Captain Jim Anders of the 911 dispatch center said, “To say being low hasn’t impacted us is not accurate, certainly it’s more difficult for them but like I said the skill set and talent of those individuals [is amazing] they are still getting it done.” 

Captain Anderson wants everyone to know that being short staffed won’t stop you from getting emergency services.

“We struggle but you’re still going to get emergency responders,” Anderson said.

If you're interested in applying the position starts at $19 an hour and comes with full benefits.

You can apply here.

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