Cruisin on Main 2019 Bozeman

BOZEMAN - Gearheads and newcomers to the classic car scene gathered on Main Street in downtown Bozeman on Sunday for the annual “Cruisin’ on Main” classic car, truck, and motorcycle show.

If you thought you took a step back in time while walking through downtown Bozeman on Sunday morning and afternoon, you’d be forgiven.

The annual event Cruisin’ on Main has brought moving history to Bozeman for 19 years, bringing in cars ranging from brand new vehicles that have just hit the streets, to cars that have been in the same family for 54 years.

Behind the layers of paint and refurbished hardware, each vehicle has a story.

One of the cars along Main Street on Sunday was a 1947 Willy’s Jeep, which has been around for every big moment in the Reed family’s lives for the last five decades.

Owner of the car, Gary Reed, got his first speeding ticket while driving the Jeep on Bozeman’s Rouse Avenue when he was only 13 years old. Years later, he took his future wife on dates in the car, while the two were students at Bozeman High School.

While Sunday was the Jeep’s first appearance at Cruisin’ on Main, Reed hopes to pass the vehicle on to his grandchildren to continue sharing it with the public.

Each August, auto enthusiasts gather on Bozeman’s Main Street to share their work with newcomers and bask in their accomplishments with fellow gearheads.

“This is a whole subculture,” says vintage car owner and Vietnam veteran Alan Ling. “This is like, brotherhood in the military. This is just brotherhood in the car.”

Cruisin’ on Main celebrates classic vehicles, but there’s an even better cause fueling the event.

According to Downtown Bozeman’s website, “Cruisin’” has partnered with Cancer Support Community since 2011 to use donations to raise awareness about support available for anyone impacted by cancer.

If you want to donate, click here.

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