Commissioners are meeting to discuss dropping party affiliation and the counties budget

BOZEMAN- The Gallatin County commissioners are meeting today to discuss dropping party affiliation and the counties budget. 

The commissioners have been discussing dropping party affiliation for quite some time this is all due to a bill that Governor Bullock signed in the law giving the counties and local governments the choice to decide.

This change is all made possible because of House Bill 129, if it moves forward to the November ballot it could make the 10 elected positions in Gallatin County nonpartisan. 

Political professors from Montana State University will be present speaking in opposition to this at the Tuesday meeting. 

Joe Skinner the Gallatin County Commissioner Chair told Wake Up earlier in the year that the reasoning for deciding to support dropping  party affiliation is that it would force people to actually read up on who they’re voting for instead of just circling a name with a letter next to it.

At this meeting they’re also planning to discuss the budget for the county which will include money to help the Gallatin County rest home to continue to operate.

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