City of Bozeman named number in Economic Strength report

BOZEMAN- The City of Bozeman ranking number one for a second year in a row by way of POLICOM’s Economic Strength report.

POLICOM is an independent economics research firm which analyzes data and ranks cities per the local economy.

Bozeman coming out on top this year in the Micropolitan category out of 551 other cities. 

Missoula came in 75 on the Metropolitan areas list and Billings coming in 85.

The top three include Bozeman, Summit Park, UT, and Lewisburg, PA. 

“This report matters because it provides an independent third party analysis of Bozeman’s growing economic strength,” Brit Fontenot City of Bozeman Director of Economic Development said in an email to Wake Up Montana.  

The information in this report helps the city strategize for the future.

We will have a full report on this on Wake Up Montana later in the week. 

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