City of Bozeman hires Loren D. Olsen as affordable housing director

BOZEMAN - The City of Bozeman is taking steps to address the city's housing crisis. 

The mayor of Bozeman called the situation a wicked problem in her state of the city address.

To start addressing this problem, the city has hired an affordable housing director.

The person's name is Loren D. Olsen, and his job will be to work with organizations throughout the city to develop a master plan to start addressing concerns and issues. 

Olsen was hired for his previous work with the City of Bozeman, his knowledge of city ordinances will help navigate the creation of this Master Plan.

As zoning and ordinance issues present themselves it will be his job to address them and possibly change them.

Olsen was born and raised here in Bozeman and graduated from the Bozeman public school district. He has witnessed this housing crisis from start to the point it’s at now.

Marty Matsen the Director of Community Development for the City of Bozeman says that there is no school helping to teach people to become directors of a housing crisis, but the experience he brings to the table will help them navigate the position. 

“[He will] put together an action plan that will present to the commission and that will really be our work plan going forward and that will help to start define what the program is,” said Matsen, “What the needed funding is and what work needs to be done over the next few years to really start accomplishing some things.”

Olson has a background in banking and mortgages and previously has been active with the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce, the Gallatin Association of Realtors and many more groups. 

Olson has been on the job a little less than a week when the new master plan is ready we will bring it to.

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