How the Bozeman Film Celebration is helping women make film in the me too era

BOZEMAN- The second annual BZN International Film Celebration kicks off this week. The festival features documentaries and fictional films about everything from polar bears to Cuban fly fishing, with special events highlighting women filmmakers and Montana.

Pass information is available here, film tickets can be bought at the box offices of The Ellen and Rialto.

Artistic managing director Beth Ann Kennedy says they picked each film to challenge the mind and spark conversation.

“It’s been scientifically proven that film can touch us in a way that we aren’t necessarily picking up in everyday life,” Kennedy said. “Our intention is that we can move people to more sustainable choices.”

The film fest is also working to give women in the film industry an equal shake at getting the work shown.

Friday at The Ellen is dedicated to women in film, with spotlights of feature films produced by women and having several discussions.

One film screening on Friday, Bar Flies, is a funny short about "A neuroscientist who studies the alcohol consumption habits of sexually deprived fruit flies watches her findings play out in her own life with a colleague who works in her lab."

Kennedy says women filmmakers have to work 10 times harder just to get their work viewed.

So in a heavily dominated mail industry, this festival is giving the opportunity to women working just as hard.

“What we're making sure is... If there’s a female out there that is producing or writing or directing, that they get an equal playing ground,’ Kennedy said.

A full list of films being shown is available here. Click here to check out the Montana Films section, with documentaries made by and for Montanans.

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