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BOZEMAN - A Bozeman woman faces a charge of stalking for violating a restraining order taken out by her neighbor.

Court records say Elizabeth Dorothy Stroock, 63, has repeatedly clashed with her neighbor on Story Mill Road. The neighbor took out a restraining order against Stroop, alleging an ongoing pattern of harassment against him and his family.

Stroop is mandated to stay 75 feet away from her neighbor, according to a court affidavit. 

On May 10, the neighbor called the sheriff's office and reported that Stroock was mowing her lawn every time he sat in his own backyard, which faces part of her property.

Stroock reportedly mowed the same small section of her yard over and over. 

The neighbor provided security footage showing Stroock mowing the same patch of yard for 25 minutes.

A sheriff's deputy looked at the area and determined that Stroock was violating the 75-foot boundary mandated by the restraining order.

A Gallatin County sheriff's deputy arrested Stroock. She's charged with felony stalking.

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