Bozeman tops Micropolitan list

BOZEMAN- The City of Bozeman ranking number one for the second year in a row by way of POLICOM’s Economic Strength report.

POLICOM is an independent economics research firm which analyzes data and ranks cities per the local economy.

Being number one on this list is good for local business, information like this plays a part in decision-making on expanding which could eventually create more jobs.

Bozeman coming out on top this year in the Micropolitan category out of 551 other cities. 

A Micropolitan is classified as 50,000 citizens and under.

Missoula came in 75 on the Metropolitan areas list and Billings coming in 85.

A metropolitan area is 50,000 or more.

The current belief is that Bozeman could potentially be on the metropolitan area list next year due to the population increase.

That information will be available after this year's census.

The top three include Bozeman, Summit Park, UT, and Lewisburg, PA. 

“This report matters because it provides an independent third party analysis of Bozeman’s growing economic strength,” Brit Fontenot City of Bozeman Director of Economic Development said in an email to Wake Up Montana.  

Winning this award does not mean the work stops, yes it's a point of pride for the city but this does not stop the progress they like to continue making.

“You celebrate briefly and then you move on to some of the things that are actually the challenges we continue to face,” Fontenot said, “which are the affordable housing challenge wages and access to talent those are areas that we have a lot of work to do while feeling very fortunate to be recognized [but] we still know that we have a long way to go.”

Some of the projects include investing in infrastructure and urban growth which you can see on display downtown along with helping businesses.

The city says that this is great news for local businesses, it helps them in making decisions to grow which leads to more jobs for people here in Bozeman.

That also goes for outside businesses thinking of moving to Bozeman like tech firms.

Data like this plays a part in relocation decisions.

The full report is available here.

Updated from first copy.

Reporter, Wake Up Montana

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