American flag in Bozeman, Baxter Hotel

An American flag put up by Bozeman's American Legion Post 14 flies above Main Street for Veterans Day.

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Veterans Day drew dozens the Vietnam Wall in Sunset Hills Cemetery on Monday morning, as they honored the veterans who have served the United States, and the many who gave the ultimate sacrifice in fighting for it.

Veterans and civilians alike gathered in the bitter cold to pay their respects with prayer, heartfelt tributes, and words of peace on a day of remembrance.

Another feature of nearly every Veterans Day service: music.

Melissa Smith, a teacher in Bozeman, is a rare female bugler.

Monday was her second time performing as a bugler with the Honor Guard for the annual Veterans Day service at Sunset Hills.

A Marine veteran, Smith continues to live out a unique mission even after being discharged: serving her country with her considerable musical talents.

It’s a duty she takes as seriously as her time in the military.

"I'm always honored to do that,” says Smith about the Veterans Day performance. “I'm happy to come out for all of the funerals we're asked to do because those people, they took a risk… We're still playing for World War II veterans, occasionally. That's an honor they earned, and it's a privilege to be able to come out and play for them."

As they do every year on Veterans Day and Memorial Day, Bozeman’s American Legion Post 14 lined Main Street early Monday morning with American flags, reminding anyone driving the historic street of the sacrifice their fellow Americans have made.

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