Bozeman Mayor Cyndy Andrus wins re-election, new Law and Justice Center shot down by voters

BOZEMAN- Two ballot measures put forward by the county, nonpartisan county elections, and a new Law and Justice Center - have been shot down by voters.

This is the third attempt by the county to get a new Law and Justice Center, it would have been a $34.10 tax increase on a home assessed with the value of $200,000.

Over the years that $34.10 tax number would have decreased as the population grew.

Voters in the county voting 44% in favor and 55% against the measure.

Voters also shot down the topic of non-partisan elections, the 10 elected county positions would have changed from partisan to nonpartisan.

Meaning you no longer would see a (D) or an (R) next to the name of a candidate on the ballot.

“Voters will have less information with the absence of the party identification on the ballot,” Political Science professor Dr. David Parker, who spoke out against the topic at the County Commissioners meeting early this summer said via email.

“This will mean they will have less information about how the candidates think about political issues, and it will also lead to—with this loss of information—fewer voters choosing to vote for those county offices,” Parker went onto say.

Explaining that it would ultimately affect voter turnout.

Voters in the county voting 45% in favor and 54% against the measure.

In the Bozeman race for mayor, incumbent Cyndy Andrus won reelection. She will serve the first part of her term as deputy mayor and current Deputy Mayor Chris Mehl will step into the role of mayor in January.

In the West Yellowstone area, voters voted to continue to support the resort tax and voted to increase it.

The resort tax passed with 86% of the vote.

You can look at full results here.

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