Bozeman lead state in growth

BOZEMAN- Massive growth in the City of Bozeman over the course of last year shows a record number of electricity hookups.

 Last year the City of Bozeman and the surrounding area led Montana with 30% of the state's total growth.

 1529 new electrical hookups are made in the area, only 793 hookups are made in Missoula.

 These electrical hookups don't only include houses, it includes apartment complexes hotels and businesses within the area.

 These electrical hookups mean good things for our economy.

 “We’re not only putting houses out there for workforce to we’re keeping our local contractors and supply stores fully busy, that money usually turns over 7 times what your wage is back into the economy,” said Daryl Schliem the CEO of the Bozeman Chamber of commerce “people buy houses, groceries rental places, they spend back in the economy.”

 During the month of December Bozeman was 50% of the whole states electricity hookups.

 According to the Chamber of Commerce, the area is slated for 175 new building projects over the course of the next two years.

 The chamber is also predicting over the next 28 months nearly $1 billion worth of construction in Gallatin County.

 Those projects include multiple new hotels, a new city center in several projects out by Rousers.

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