BOZEMAN- Updates being made to Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital.

The hospital making a $75.5 million addition to the new ICU.

When the three-story expansion is complete the new ICU will be able to accommodate 20 rooms and each room will be 300 square feet.

The current ICU features eight rooms and they are quite small in size roughly 150 square feet per room.

Prior to this expansion, the concern was there simply not enough beds.

“For one, we’re sure that they’ll have a bed know,” Dr. Andrew Sullivan said.

But this expansion will allow for more intensive care and monitoring and will give the hospital the ability to care for patients from the surrounding area.

“There’s times where we question can we take a patient from Ennis can we take a patient from Livingston who needs an ICU bed [and] when we only have 8 beds we may not have that capacity, but we will in the future,” Sullivan said.

With the growing population in Bozeman, the need for more healthcare services grows daily.

Eventually, expansions will be made to the Bozeman Women’s and Children’s tower as part of phase two of the project.  

The ICU Is just one part of a four-part plan

The next goal is to add on to the NICU which is responsible for taking care of ill or premature newborns.

Following that the goal is to expand outreach access to the community to assist people in need of financial assistance in getting care.

These are all aspects of the hospital's philanthropic campaign which currently has raised $14.4 million, the hospital has a fundraising goal of $15 million which they will use to accomplish these things along with making the purchase some new equipment and with supporting the Big Sky Medical Center.

Reporter, Wake Up Montana

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