The City of Bozeman is looking for more officers to keep streets safe

BOZEMAN- Applications open this month for five positions with the Bozeman Police Department.

They’re looking for officers who are approachable and relatable and can help build connections within the community.

Captain Andy Knight says if you think you’re up for the job, come do a ride along.

Bozeman police are looking to hire about five more officers.

The department is looking for everyone and anyone but what they’re really hoping for is a few people from right here in Bozeman.

Knowledge of the area is really helpful in doing this job and being from Bozeman helps you start off with a huge advantage.

“It’s something different every day and you come to work and you don’t know what you’re going to deal with,” Knight said, “but you’re solving problems for people that might be their worst day and you can be there to really be the solution for them, it’s really fun.”

Knight said they look for all types of people when the application comes in, people with life experiences, volunteer experience, possible previous law-enforcement experience all are a plus. 

The application opens up on June 24, more information here.

June 20 in Bozeman is also "Coffee with a Cop," you can RSVP to that event here, at the Starbucks inside Albertsons.

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