Tanya Andreasen

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Months after the city of Bozeman cut ties with its last affordable housing manager in a shocking move, the city has filled the vital role.

Tanya Andreasen, who is the first housing manager to come from inside of the city's government, has already stepped into the role. She was previously Bozeman's Neighborhoods Program Coordinator, liaison to Montana State University and neighborhood associations, and has worked on communications and public engagement with the city.

Bozeman is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis that started years ago and only looks to become more severe as ten people move to the city every day. With the population creeping higher, city officials and property developers are struggling to build enough homes for residents in average or low-income jobs. The average home price in Bozeman is $462,789 according to real estate database company Zillow, and research suggests that number will only continue to grow.

It doesn't help that none of Bozeman's previous affordable housing managers have been able to make it to the year mark. The role was created two years ago to address the crisis head-on and lead efforts to develop an affordable housing plan.

Andreasen says her experience in her previous roles within Bozeman's government will help her tackle what's widely seen as Bozeman's biggest problem.

"Affordable housing or community housing is not a set of problems that can be addressed by one entity," Andreasen says. "So, I think that the work that I've done for the city before this position allows me to know who's on the team."

Andreasen adds that her goals for the position align with the Community Housing Action Plan, approved by commissioners last November, that the city has been developing in some form over the last 13 years.

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