BOZEMAN- This weekend at the Ridge Athletic Club, the Cancer Support Community of Montana is asking you to come and walk some laps to fight cancer. One Bozeman woman credits the group with helping her through some dark times after her own diagnosis.

Nowadays it seems like everyone knows someone who is affected by the illness, and this is a great way to stand up for that person and support them.

One Bozeman woman who was diagnosed with cancer wasn't interested in letting her illness keep her down.

Jenny Whitaker is a mother of four. She was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, went through chemo and then eventually had a double mastectomy.

She says Cancer Support Community of Montana was there for her every step of the way during treatment and after, serving as a place for her kids and her family to find refuge during the difficult months.

Whitaker says it was a scary time in her life but she wanted something good to come from it.

She says she decided to run a half marathon every month in 2018 after defeating cancer - So she did.

Whitaker now runs for fun and is a fitness instructor at the Ridge Athletic Club.

She will be walking this weekend with her kids. 

“It means a lot,” Whitaker said, “You feel the support of the community of the gym, and it just feels good to know other people are out making an effort in your honor. It just inspires me to keep fighting. God forbid, if I ever have to go through it again, I know I have a team of people behind me that are waiting for me.”

Whitaker says that fitness was crucial in her recovery.

You can now find her teaching spin classes and laughing with friends along with being cancer free.

If you'd like to walk in Strides for Strength all you need to do is stop by the Ridge Athletic Club from 10 AM-2 P.M.

The event is free, and donations support Cancer Support Community of Montana.

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