Bozeman Business Boom: From empty field to booming market, Ferguson Farm in Bozman's west end.

BOZEMAN- In Bozeman’s west end, a former field is now home to one of the many new developments aiming to offer housing and storefronts together.

Ileana Indreland Delaney and her husband Michael Delaney felt the booming west end needed a hub. Through research, the Delaneys decided to develop a mixed-purpose building offering retail space, offices and apartments. They dubbed it Ferguson Farm.

They say this new retail space is helping business owners in Bozeman expand and take advantage of the booming economy. 

One business that's moving into the space is The Garden Barn.

“I always had the business side in me,” Josh Pecukonis owner of The Garden Barn said, “I just needed a place to put it.” 

Pecukonis was a horticulture major at Montana State University, and opened The Garden Barn in Four Corners. Pecukonis sold flower arrangements to the restaurants in The Market, and he says a manager at Tanglewood restaurant suggested that he look into opening a second location.

“This one has so much more exposure,” Pecukonis said. “So many more people come in here that haven’t heard of us.”

And that exposure has helped his business boom.

“It’s been kind of crazy,” Pecukonis said, “We definitely have seen an increase in our foot traffic in both stores and online as well with website hits.”

The Delaney’s goal was to create a place where local business owners could be successful without abandoning their Montana roots.

“Growing up on a ranch between Bozeman and Livingston I’ve been a part of the community most of my life,” Ileana said. “Growth is going to happen in beautiful places like this because people want to live here, and growth provides great jobs and great opportunity.”

Right now Ferguson Farm is home to restaurants like Tanglewood, Foxtrot, Sidewinder's, Nordic Brew Works and The Garden Barn. The Delaneys say down the road it will house more than 30 companies and with it countless more jobs. 

“As this community of houses has grown and with so many people living out here we saw a need for people to have a gathering place their own neighborhood,” Delaney said.

Blane Woodfin says his goal as the owner of Sidewinders, Foxtrot and Tanglewood restaurants is to create inclusive places.

Between his restaurants he estimates that he's created 150 new jobs. Nordic Brew Works which is owned separately has well over 60 positions they’ve been able to hire for.

Ferguson Farm is currently in phase one. The owner say when Ferguson Farm is complete it will boast more than 1000 different jobs, since the location is slated for a Town & Country grocery store, multiple boutique clothing shops, and a salon and barbershop.

You can learn more about Ferguson Farm here.

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