Bozeman Business Boom: A sip and paint class that went to the dogs

BELGRADE- With Bozeman booming a larger market is revealing itself for adult recreation.

From new restaurants to ax-throwing bars, all the way down to sip and paint nights. The entertainment market continues to expand and that is allowing locals to live their dreams.

Wendy Marquis has been making art her entire life. From an early age, she remembers watching her own mother paint.

Marking art is an old friend to her, but teaching art is still something new to her.

“I love showing people that think they can’t paint, that they can paint,” Marquis said.

Art is a way of life for Marquis, she always knew opening up a gallery was for her.

“Every morning when I walk in I can’t believe it’s my space,” Marquis said.

But selling her own paintings wasn’t enough. She had to think of a way to get people into her space. 

Thus came the birth of her sip and paint classes. Where the local artist teaches anyone and everyone how to draw something they can hang on their own wall.

“It slowly built and I had to not be sad and take it personally when people didn’t show up and just keep on rolling,” Marquis said.

With Americans spending close to 5% of their income on things like sip and paint classes, going to bars and even ax throwing things took off for Marquis and it left customers saying, woof, woof.

“Depending on the timing and the subject matter, the subject matters draws more people in, like the pet one,” Marquis said.

She learned quickly people like their pets, but with each pet being so different drawing and painting them could be difficult.

So Marquis went to work, and her idea came to life. She is teaching people to paint their dogs.

She stencils out your pet and walks you through how to paint them.

“It was neat to capture her personality,” Kali Vergeront a student in the pet class said, “with the background, you can’t tell but she standing in front of where we keep her treats and bagging me with her tongue hanging out.”

For some people who have lost their pet, it become therapeutic. A way to relive the memories and celebrate a beautiful friendship with every brushstroke.

“I wanted to do a portrait of my dog, I have one of my other dog who is passed and I just thought it would be really fun and since she’s still with us to do it while she’s alive,” Vergeront said.

For Marquis, the four-legged paint classes have helped her continue to live her dream as an artist.

“It’s a fairly consistent stream of income, where you don’t sell original paintings every day,” Marquis said.

It’s her dream come true.

“I feel like I’m going to keep doing this and that it’s working,” Marquis said.

To take a class or find out more about Wendy Marquis you can click here.

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