BIG SKY - Expanding parking and freshly flown-in sushi are among the $13 million upgrades at the Big Sky Ski Resort Mountain Village base camp.

What does that mean for skiers? For starters - more food. Resort officials say they'll start flying in sushi from both coasts, and other options in the base camp will include a ramen station, crepes, a deli, and a new pizza restaurant.

But it's the village's capacity that will be the most striking change. Seating capacity in the dining area will nearly double with the addition of 350 seats, while a new deck will seat more than 250. And the renovated common area can now be transformed into an event venue capable of holding over 750 guests.

The resort is also adding 250 new Mountain Village skier parking spaces, which will likely take some pressure off of the resort's busy shuttle service.

The Mountain Village upgrades come hot on the heels of one of the resort's largest projects in recent memory: the Ramcharger 8 lift, a new lift that opened in December, which seats 8 skiers in a heated bubble for the quick jaunt up Andesite Mountain.

The lift's price tag itself rivals the village's, with the cost of each of the lift's dozens of chairs reportedly comparable to that of a Porsche.

All of the recent expansions are part of the resort's lofty "Big Sky 2025" plan, a $150 million investment, according to multiple outlets.

If you're interested in seeing the renovations in progress, Big Sky's summer season opens up in June.

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