Big Sky Seltzer

MISSOULA - If you're planning a barbecue for Memorial Weekend you may be thinking about some adult beverages to serve alongside your burgers and brats.

In the Treasure State, one beverage is probably more popular than others.

We're talking about the spiked seltzer, White Claw. Company spokesperson, Kathryn Peevy, told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle last year that Montanans consume more White Claw per capita, than any other state in the country. 

That fizzy popularity has one Montana brewery bubbling over into the seltzer world to compete.

Big Sky Brewing Company has been in the beer industry for nearly 25 years. And about a month ago, the company added spiked seltzer to the menu.

The company and its customers noticed a high demand for the popular drink here in Big Sky Country, and after a year and a half of trial and error, the brewing company released the state's first local spiked seltzer.

"We tried between 20-30 different flavors whether they are fruits and vegetables and herbs and combos of all of that and trying to find ones that we like and bringing other people to taste them so we found flavor combinations that people really enjoy,” said co-founder, Neal Leathers.

They've narrowed down those 20-30 flavors to just four flavors for now: Huckleberry, strawberry mint, cucumber melon, and ginger-lemon basil.

The flavors are unique and original to Montana, and Big Sky's owners say they hope customers will reach for the top notch local choice over a national brand.

"It's from here and it tastes good which I think is even more important than the local aspect that we have great water in Montana and our basic ingredients are all natural so it really fits with our lifestyle as well,” said Big Sky Brewing co-founder, Bjorn Nabozney.

That lifestyle really kicks off over Memorial Day weekend when spiked seltzer is a top shelf pick. While the Big Sky cans have only been on shelves for about a month, the brewery is already having a hard time keeping up with demand.

"We hope to catch up in the next month or so but you might have a hard time finding it on the shelves, its been so well received," said Nabozney.

You can find Big Sky Spiked Seltzers throughout Eastern and Western Montana, Northern Idaho, and Eastern Washington.

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