Bequet Confections caramel

Bequet Confection's Celtic Sea Salt caramel is fed into a machine that will cut and package it.

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Friday is Valentine's Day, the Day of Love, and with it comes something we all love: sugar. Bozeman just happens to be home to some of Montana's sweetest treats, and we got a peak inside the process ahead of February 14th.

Bequet Confections has been giving Bozeman a serious sweet tooth with its gourmet caramels since 2001. It starts simple: sugar, water, and a little salt. But add a few ingredients and some top-secret instructions to the method, and you'll get a taste that sticks with you.

The company is known for playing with flavors, like espresso, mint, even butterscotch and chipotle. A crowd favorite is Celtic sea salt.

Caramel-making may be a science, but it looks more like art. No matter who you are, gooey caramel will probably make you feel a certain way on Valentine's Day.

For Bequet's director of operations, Cindy Mulder, caramel makes her smile.

"We enjoy hearing the stories of customers - when they come into the retail store - share with us, you know, that they go out of their way to come here and they gift it to their relatives out of state," she says.

Once the caramel cools down, it's sliced and fed through a special machine that wraps it into the perfect bite-size delicacy. The final result: a Montana-made treat for your "sweet."

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