BBQ at Heebs to raise funds for Bozeman Library

BOZEMAN- A barbecue for a good cause, today in Bozeman the price of your lunch could fuel knowledge.

For Heebs in Bozeman hosting a “Lunch at the Library,” is all done for the love of reading.

Mitch Bradley the owner of Heebs Fresh Market putting this fundraiser on for the library in Bozeman for 11 years gives him memories of his mom. 

Now, you might not think the owner of a grocery store would go shelf to shelf throwing things in the cart and paying for them himself. But that’s what Bradley did. 

All the food that he’s buying is out of his own pocket and he does it for all the memories he had with his mom so that others can have the same enjoyment at the library. 

“I can remember going to the library as a kid,” Bradley said, “my mother was really a big fan of the library and we would go there, I always remember checking out books…..and so it has a special place in my mind and heart.”

Over the years he’s raised about $12,000 to give to the library and he’s excited to cook up as many burgers as possible for the people of Bozeman because he knows it’s going to fuel knowledge and the power of reading. 

“The proceeds goes directly back to them, it’s been wonderful, we’ve raised a thousand dollars or more every time we’ve done it,” Bradley said, “then we allow the library to do whatever they feel the best [with the money].” 

The event will be taking place this year for the first time on library front lawn, Bradley even hinted that ice cream might make a special surprise this year, which would be a first for the event. 

For specifics and to RSVP you can click here

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