A box of cookies taking one Bozeman Girl Scout to space

Teah Vennes touring the ABC/FOX Montana, Bozeman bureau

BOZEMAN- It's Girl Scout cookie season in Montana which means your friendly neighborhood Girl Scouts will soon be outselling tagalongs and thin mints.

Teah Vennes a girl scout in Bozeman, Montana is one of the top 100 cookie sellers in Montana and Wyoming.

She actually holds the number 25 spot to be exact.

Vennes is a hard-working 10-year-old with dreams of going outer space.

She says being a Girl Scout is going to make a difference in her becoming an astronaut.

The Girl Scouts has taught her skills like how to perform in a job interview, how to make eye contact and shake someone's hand, all very important when interviewing at NASA.

Her goal this year is to sell over 1,500 boxes of cookies because the prize at that level is a telescope.

She wants to get a head start on looking at the stars.

But she says as important as learning how to perform in a job interview is the Girl Scouts has prepared her for life.

“If we move into our own house one day we would have to learn how to cook and how to make money for our self and I think that knowing how to do this in girl scouts will make it much easier later in life,” Vennes said.

Making small meals and managing money are things she has learned in Girl Scouts. 

Cookie sales started last Friday, you can pay in cash or with a card.

This is the last year Savanna's Lemon Smiles Cookie will be available for purchase as they are slated for retirement.

Vennes also says if you're counting calories you can still purchase a box of cookies and they will be donated to charitable organizations.

Reporter, Wake Up Montana

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