Bobby the cat returns home after a year and a half missing

Bobby the cat disappeared from his Great Falls home in June of 2017 never to be seen again. Or so his family thought.

On September 25, they got a call from an animal shelter saying their cat was found thanks to his microchip - nearly 1,000 miles away in Fallon, Nevada of all places. But his owner didn’t know if he'd ever see his cat again, since he couldn't make it to Nevada to pick up the cat.

“I called down to Reno and said, 'I can’t come pick him up,' and they said, 'We will give him out for adoption again,'” said Kyle Preston.

Unbeknownst to Preston, his daughter was already making plans to get Bobby back to Montana.

“I got in contact with the SPCA in Reno, which goes back and forth through Fallon, and they loved Bobby and said he was a great kitty and they wanted to try and help get him home,” said Erika Evans.

By chance, a friend was flying to Great Falls for a visit, so she picked Bobby up in Reno and brought him up with her. And the reunion was a sight to see.

So with the family back together again. Kyle just wants everyone to know how much he appreciates their hard work. And he has a special thank you for one person.

“Thanks to everybody, especially to Barbara. Without her, it wouldn’t have happened.”

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