What to send the kids to school with for cold recess

BOZEMAN- With the cold temperatures moving in you may want to check the kids before they head out the door to school.

With winter arriving early, it’s time to pull out the cold weather gear, with temperatures under 30 degrees it feels like we’ve completely skipped fall and just went right into winter.

But with those cool temperatures, it’s time to grab the scarfs and mittens, it might be too early for the snow boots but wool socks will come in handy on the playground.

Make sure the kids,

- Dress in layers

- Dress for the appropriate activity level.

- Wool winter socks.

- Hats and gloves are a must

- Hand warmers

With the cold weather sending kids with hot soup or macaroni in a thermos will help warm up those cold bones.

You can always make a grilled cheese sandwich the night before and it could be microwaved at school.

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