Gertie's Babies

Butte is a historic mining town nestled in Montana's Rocky Mountains. Now home to about 34,000 people, at its peak Butte had more than 100,000 residents. Many of them lived and died by the work they did in the mines, extracting copper that would be turned into power lines, spreading a web of electricity across the United States.

It's a town with many stories to tell. You've probably heard about the opulent Copper Kings and their battles to get to the top. In more recent years, you may have watched the historic jumps made by Evel Knievel, one of Butte's native sons.

But, there's another story hidden in the archives of Butte, one that's kept a little more quiet in town. It's the story of a local chiropractor who started a side business -- a side business of selling babies on the black market.

Those babies came to be known as "Gerties' Babies." They're adults now, and many of them are searching for answers about their past. They sat down with ABC FOX Montana's Ben Wineman to tell their stories.

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