University of Montana Professor of Physical Therapy is "great resource" for running community

MISSOULA-  Following up now on a story we brought to you Tuesday evening-- an assistant professor at the University of Montana has recently become the head author of research on the "Runner's Knee" injury.

Professor Richard Willy at the UM School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences said he spent hundreds of hours on the subject matter.

Running experts around Missoula say having new “runner’s knee” treatment guidelines released is really a benefit for the whole running community.

Professor Richard Willy started this project nearly five years ago, and  as a runner himself, Willy says he has experienced "runner's knee," which is described as pain or tenderness around the knee area.

This injury isn't just an overnight fix.

"One of the reasons why we worked really hard on these guidelines is once someone has PFP pain they have about a 50% chance of this pain coming back again in the future and it's also what we consider not a self-limiting condition which means that it doesn't just go away on its own,” the assistant professor, Richard Willy said.

Willy said the best way to treat this injury is through exercise therapy, which strengthens the knees and hips.

Local running honchos say having Professor Willy as a resource is extremely beneficial.

"He's a great resource all around the country. Anything that he comes out with is a benefit to all of us. We'll see what he publishes or he talks about and we'll use it in our staff meetings so as we see customers coming in we can share that information,” Runner’s Edge owner, Anders Brooker said.

25% of people will experience "runner's knee" in their lifetime, and researchers say it's important to see a clinician as soon as possible symptoms appear.

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