Town Pump

BUTTE - On Monday morning, anyone looking to buy tobacco products from a Town Pump will have to be 21 or older.

The legal age to buy tobacco products changed at the federal level to 21 last month. Director of Corporate Communications for Town Pump Bill McGladdery says they received a notice from the Montana Health Department saying the changes must be implemented by Monday, January 6.

McGladdery says at 8 AM on Monday, all stores will implement the new law.

He adds all employees will now be trained to card people under 21 for tobacco products. Also, signs will be placed in all stores state-wide reminding customers and employees of the change.

After a system update, all Town Pump registers will now remind cashiers to ID people for all tobacco products says McGladdery. He adds they hope the new law will discourage teenagers from using tobacco products.

“We want to be in compliance with all of the codes and policies that are enacted so that we are responsible corporate citizens and we’re doing the right thing and supporting these changes,” says McGladdery.

Butte police say they’re still waiting on a notice from the health department on how to enforce the new tobacco law.

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