Street striping on South 5th Street West and South 6th Street West begins next week

MISSOULA- From 2007 to 2014, 277 crashes took place at the intersections of Fifth and Sixth Street, and now the city of Missoula is working hard to make sure that number decreases.

Starting next week, there will be road work on South Fifth Street West and South Sixth Street West between Higgins Avenue and Russell Street.

This project has been six years in the making aiming to reduce vehicle crashes and improve street area safety.

The project will have wider parking lanes, an 11 foot driving lane, buffered bike lanes, and turning lanes.

City of Missoula leaders say this should significantly reduce crashes and overall driving issues in this area.

"Improve safety for everyone using those streets. We've heard from the neighborhood for years that they had an issue with speeding, with vehicle crashes, with wrong way driving, with pets and parked cars getting hit. By converting to a single lane we hope to eliminate a lot of those problems,” the City of Missoula’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager, Ben Weiss said.

Weather permitting, this project is expected to wrap up at the end of next week and city officials say drivers should expect a little more congestion in the area than usual until the project is done.

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