Judge leave retirement for Campbell homicide trial

AUGUSTA- A 2013 shooting in Augusta is going to be featured on HLN’s show Vengeance.

“Deadly Trespass” is the title of the episode that is airing September 1 at 6:00 P.M. MST.

The episode will follow the shooting of Timothy Newman by Joseph Campbell after a land access dispute in October of 2013. It will include interviews with friends and neighbors, local law enforcement, media members and Great Falls personal injury attorney Zander Blewett of Hoyt and Blewett law firm who represented Timothy Newton’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit against Campbell.

Hoyt and Blewett law firm’s website says authorities reported that Newman and Campbell were in an ongoing land access dispute in Lewis and Clark County when Joseph Campbell shot and killed his neighbor, Timothy Newman. Campbell claiming it was in self-defense after Newman pointed his gun at him.

According to Hoyt and Blewett’s website, Campbell himself stated Newman pulled out a revolver from behind his back as he approached the gate dividing their property, cocked the hammer, and pointed it directly at Campbell. Campbell stated that he then drew his gun and fired it at Newman, who then began to get up, at which point Campbell shot him a second time in the back, killing him. However, forensic reports suggest that the first shot was fired into Newman’s back, severing his spinal cord and that the second shot grazed Newman’s chest after he had been shot the first time and fallen over.

HLN is on Channel 52 or 614 for Spectrum users, Chanel 204 for DirectTV users, and Chanel 202 for Dish Network users.

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