Professor at University of Montana head author on "Runners Knee" guidelines

MISSOULA- Now that school as returned an sports have resumed—let’s talk about sports injuries, specifically runner's knee.

An assistant professor at the University of Montana is the head author of a paper that offers new guidelines for Patellofemoral pain, or more commonly known as "Runners Knee."

These guidelines were published September 1st into the official scientific journal of the academy Orthopaedic Physical Therapy.

Assistant professor, Richard Willy, a professor at the University's school of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, found that one in four people are affected from PFP. The "runner’s knee" pain can be described as pain that presents itself at the front of the knee, as well as under and around the kneecap.

The ABC FOX team will be sitting down with Professor Willy Wednesday with details on “runners knee” and what his paper says on how to prevent it.

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