Montana College Week offering application fee waiver for Montana students

BOZEMAN- Parents at home it’s Montana College Week.

Applying for colleges is extremely stressful, area high schools are working to ease that stress.

College & Career Center advisors at Bozeman High School are meeting with your students to help start that conversation on how parents and students can prepare for these next steps.

The big bonus about Montana College Week is that application fees are being waved, that’s a savings close to $80.00.

The Bitterroot College, Montana Tech, MSU and, UM are just a few colleges taking part in waving that fee.

But on the notion of money, counselors at the high school say if you have a senior in high school it’s time to start having those conversations now about what they can afford.

“I wish that more parents had an honest conversation ahead of time with their students,” Lauren Covington the College & Career Center Coordinator at Bozeman High School said.

Covington meets with students year-round and says it's hard to watch kids think they can go to large out of state school only to find out that’s not the case come May.

“If I had one thing to say to parents I would say have the money talk now,” Covington said.

They expect a high volume of students to take part this week in applying.

“Usually we do about 100 to 150 by the end of the week,” Covington said.

She went on to say there is an abundance of resources available for students who attend school in Montana by way of grants and scholarships.

The application process takes around 30 minutes and Covington adds there are no essays required for it.

Covington says a four-year institution might not be the right track for your student and if that’s the case it’s perfectly, ok. They have resources available by way of community colleges and apprenticeships in the Bozeman area to help students explore all options.

More information can be forund here.

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